Why a Granny Flat is a Simple SolutionThere may come a time in your life when your house starts feeling a bit cramped up. It may be because the kids are yet to leave for the big wide world or are still living there after coming back. Either way, your house can start seeming too small to serve its purpose and prompt you to think about moving to a bigger house, or putting yourself through the rigors of extensions and renovations.

But generally, you are well settled in your home; you know the area and the facilities. You’ve adjusted to your home so moving to a new place can seem quite drastic.

So, now you’re left with three viable options: to move houses, to renovate or extend your current house, or to add a granny flat. Let’s take a look to see which option is the best solution.

Moving to Another Place

Moving to an altogether different place may seem like the least desirable option out of all three. It means uprooting yourself from the comfort of your existing home and moving to an alien, unfamiliar place. You’ll not only have to find/build the ideal home, but you’ll also have to look for the right location to live in. Some people try to find a house in their neighborhood as they know the area, but that is not always possible.

Moving to Another Place

Renovating Your Current House

Some people may consider renovating or remodeling their current house as another option. However, having your whole house renovated and adding additional rooms and space can be quite a lengthy and frustrating ordeal. Not only do you have to sketch up a whole new design for the builder to implement, but you also have to keep making sure throughout the process that no change is messed up. You will also have to comply with local regulations in addition to finding reliable and good builders to do the job in the first place. A renovation can add many disruptions to your home life as you will be living right there while the renovations are taking place. We have all heard the horror stories.

Building a Granny Flat

If you need additional living space without going through the hassle of the above two options, then getting a granny flat is the simplest solution. It is also the most cost-effective one out of the three. All you need to is to have space in your backyard, design a small home for your needs and get the materials delivered to your property. Granny flats can add additional rooms and living space to your home without disrupting your existing home and lifestyle.

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