Why Building Your Dream Home is Better than Buying One

You’ve been swimming in the murky waters that are the Australian housing market for some time now, and you’re ready to admit that you’re exhausted. Ranked as the second least affordable housing market in the world, you aren’t really to blame if you can’t find an affordable dream home in the Aussie market.

However, all hope is not lost.

With pre-existing homes out of reach, many are now turning to kit homes, and greatly benefiting from their investments.

Why You Should Get a Kit Home


Comparing the average cost of a house to that of a kit home, you can clearly see why more people are switching to the prefab option. With pre-cut homes, it takes less material, less wastage, less manpower and less time to have the home constructed, which saves costs. These homes also come with eco-friendly options in doors and windows, as well as fittings and custom additions which in the long term, helps save on utility bills.


This is especially useful if you have land that requires special construction techniques. For example, you may have sloping land that might need excavation and costly retaining walls so you can have a safe foundation built in. This would cost more money. However, with a kit home, you’ll have a structure that is specifically designed for sloping land, thus eliminating unknown costs.

Uniqueness in Design

Kit homes come in a variety of designs and models. They may range from country rustic to minimalist modern and would be easily customizable to your wishes. That is not something you can get from a pre-existing or project house. With a kit home, you’ll be able to make modifications and inclusions that would suit your taste and modifications in home design that would not cost you a pretty penny.

Making the Right Decision

If you’re still wondering if a kit house is the right option, consider this.

With a Classic kit home, you have a pre-cut house that comes with plans, engineering, construction details & unlimited phone support and all the materials to build your home to “Fit out” stage (including the floors). There’s no worry about extra material or long-term construction. You can construct the home by following the owner builder manual, or hire a builder you know or someone recommended by the company that offers you the kit home.

In addition, you can choose from a variety of home designs that can come in handy if you can’t afford an architect to design a home for you. All in all, a kit home can be the answer to your dreams!

So don’t wait!

Contact Classic Kit Homes today and ask about the best kit homes that we can offer. And click here to check what our small homes will look like at each stage. Your dream home is about to become a reality! Phone 07 5641 2020