Kitchen Trends For Your Customised Kit Home

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Your kitchen is a special place in your home. You spend a lot of your time preparing meals for your family, trying out a new recipe and hosting parties. Since it’s the hub of so many activities, it’s only fair that it reflects your lifestyle.

Here are some kitchen trends for your customised kit home. 


An Island Bench

Installing an island bench in your kitchen can be a real feature. First, it looks great, and  second, it utilises space efficiently.

You can use the ‘island’ for your sink, a cooktop, extra bench space, casual dining or helping the kids with their homework while you are cooking .

In addition, it is a great place for family and friends to congregate and socialize while you are preparing meals.

It is a good idea to ask your electrician to install power points in your island bench during construction.

Decorative Lighting

A well lit kitchen is functional, practical and safer to work in.

You can plan your kitchen lighting to eliminate shadows on work areas by carefully placing downlights in the ceiling or strip lights to the underside of overhead cupboards.

Lights can be placed in dark cupboards, while automatic lighting when you open a pantry door is a real bonus.

Creative lighting over an island bench can be a real feature of your kitchen.

Innovating Planning

With careful planning and helpful advice from kitchen experts you can have a kitchen you enjoy working in. Here are just a few simple tips…

Consider the position of your cooktop, fridge and sink. Ideally, these should be positioned in a triangle for ease of access. This may not always be possible but it is a tip for a functional kitchen.

Do you have space for a pantry? Will it simply be a large cupboard against the wall, a corner walk-in pantry or a butler’s pantry with a sink?  A pantry can eliminate the need for lots of cupboards.

Drawers can be more accessible than shelving in cupboards. They allow contents to be easily viewed when open and eliminate that struggle we have all experienced when what you need is at the very back of the bottom cupboard!

Make sure you have enough accessible power points for your appliances.  Plan power points in your pantry and island bench now, as they are more expensive to install after construction is completed.

You may not be installing some appliances now, but have you allowed for the future, eg, inbuilt microwaves or coffee machines or a larger fridge?

Take a visit to IKEA or a cabinet maker. They can give expert up-to-date advice on utilising space for storage and appliances.

Your Kitchen Style

What is your kitchen style?

Do you love a warm, cozy country kitchen with lots of timber and tiles?

Or perhaps, you prefer a commercial style kitchen displaying  clean lines and stainless steel?

Maybe an ultra modern kitchen with glass splashbacks and stone benchtops, with steel and composite materials?

Whatever style you prefer, do some research…. there is a mind boggling range of kitchen finishes available.

These days, your kitchen is only limited by your imagination and budget.

Smart Technology

The latest trends in kitchens are revolutionary.

Not many years ago we thought that ice making refrigerators or cappuccino coffee machines were the latest technology, but now we are talking voice activated appliances, phone apps which notify you if an appliance is left on or a door left open, movement activated tapware and finishes which are fingerprint resistant.

Some of these may ‘blow your budget’ now but it is worthwhile checking them out for future installation.

One hint…be careful of your fridge space…both width and height. Fridges come in so many shapes and sizes and they are constantly evolving. Keep an open space for your fridge!

When planning your kitchen and keeping up with the latest trends, Classic Kit Homes may be able to advise and suggest suppliers for your customised kit home in Queensland and Australia. Call us on (07) 5641 2020 and get a free consultation.

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