It’s All An Illusion…

Sneaky ways businesses trick you into believing you are getting a bargain…… 
All eyes were fixed on the magician on stage. A few minutes earlier….his female assistant had folded herself up and crawled inside a small square box. Dramatically, the door she climbed through was slammed shut……..and locked. Tension was building in the audience….Lights were dimmed Just a spotlight on centre stage The magician, sword in hand,  slowly approached…… Raised the sword……… And thrust it into the box. No screams…….just a gasp from those in the front row… then silence…. Another sword, then another sword, were thrust into the box from various angles. The audience was mesmerized… No one dared take their eyes off the scene unfolding in front of them………..No surprises how this story will end. As if by magic…. …the box will open and the beautiful assistant will spring out…. …smiling and without a scratch. How was it possible? It’s that battle between what you see and what you believe or know. We all know it’s a trick…right?I mean, otherwise it’s impossible! But magicians never give away their secrets and audiences are left to ponder… …and wonder….


Illusion has been a source of entertainment for centuries. And the science of illusion is used in marketing and advertising on a daily basis! It’s all about what you don’t see. What you were focussing on so hard that you missed the details…. Yes….your eyes can deceive. You are probably wondering where I am going with this…. So let’s get serious. There are truckloads of businesses in many areas that use tricks to mislead. I am guessing this is not surprising you? Who has seen the sales advertising in big red letters

………50% off everything………

And the fineprint underneath says.. ‘exceptions apply’ Your eyes were lured in by the 50% off and missed the small black letters underneath….It’s all an illusion. As kit home suppliers, we regularly see the illusions some companies use to make their kits seem more desirable… and cheaper. And it saddens us to know that people are being tricked.We will reveal some of these tricks, so you won’t be deceived into believing you are getting a bargain when you could end up with a nasty surprise.We’ll open your eyes so you aware of..………what to look for …… what questions to ask …….who you can believe

Illusion No 1 “If the price is hard to believe…there is probably a catch!”

We have first hand knowledge of this one. Our neighbours chose their builder on price. They were lured in by the price and they forgot to ask the builder ‘why is this price so much cheaper?’ The old ‘cheapest – price – wins’ trick. All was well until the roof started to fade in the harsh Queensland sun….…and fade ……and FADE!Unfortunately they left it too late to claim from the builder who had used a cheap imported corrugated roofing which could not handle the sun. Our home, which had been built at the same, had the same colour roofing, but was made by BHP Colorbond.And guess what………..ours didn’t fade.Theirs had NO guarantee. Ours did!The result for them was an expensive roof painting job. And here’s the thing…What they saved by choosing that ‘cheap’ builder was spent painting the roof! I know this wasn’t a kit home. But it is an example of how people can be trickedAnd how easy it is… To have the ‘wool pulled over your eyes’ If a price is cheap, there is always a reason.It is OK to ask your kit home supplier or builder the following:
  • Are they using cheaper components?
  • Are they using materials which comply with Australian standards?
  • Do the materials have a guarantee?
  • Are the materials designed, and manufactured, for Australian conditions?
  • What is the origin of the materials – Australian made or imported
  • What guarantees apply to the materials… many years…what happens if they fail?
 Imported materials can be cheaper……… but do they stack up against ‘Australian made’ ?Classic Kit Homes may not be the cheapest… ..because we won’t try to pull the wool over your eyes and advertise a bargain kit home…. …using cheap imported materials. That is not how we work!So….…if you want to know more about how we can help you achieve the home of your dreams…. … a home that will stand the test of time? …and will look as good in 20 years as it did the day you move in? ….a house YOU will be proud to call home

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