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Let Us Take Three Tasks
Off Your Hands . . .

There’s lots to consider when designing, choosing and building your new home. With so many decisions to
make it can be little daunting. Or maybe you just don’t have the time, or don’t live near your site and have no
idea where to start finding the professionals you’re going to need.

We will research and organise:

A Geotechnical Engineer to complete a Soil Report for your site. A Soil Report is essential as it assists the Engineer in designing the footings for your home.


A Surveyor to undertake a Contour Survey. A Contour Survey is essential for the designers and draftsperson to accurately place your home on your site. It also provides the designers with the correct floor levels for your home.


Local Authority/Council to check Zoning, Setbacks, Planning Code and BAL (Bushfire Attack Level). It’s imperative to know this information before planning and pricing can begin.


Yes, we’ll do all the research and coordinate these professionals and essential reports and you only have to pay their service fees. Throughout Australia, the fees and costs for soil testing and surveyors changes from town to town, city to city, region to region and state to state, so we are unable to incorporate their fees into our offer unfortunately.

Rest Assured, We’ll Find The Most Reliable, Experienced and
Best Value Professionals For Your Site.

Because we know the right questions to ask. We’ve been doing this for almost 40 years.

Because we like to assist our clients from the very first call to the final contact when your home is completed.

But We Don’t Want You To Pay $297

We don’t even want you to pay half that


WHY? Because we love to value add for our clients. We always try to go over and above in all aspects of our
services to you. BUT… We know that you don’t know this yet! So we want you to try us and see for yourself first.

So today you won’t pay $297


or even $197


not even $97

We want to make this one-time offer to you:

A Geotechnical Engineer to complete a Soil Report

A Surveyor to undertake a Contour Survey

Local Authority/Council to check Zoning, Setbacks, Planning Code and BAL

For just $47

That’s right.

It sounds mad but we want to prove our skills and experience and show you just how supportive we can be.

If we can prove to you how helpful we are now, we’re certain you’ll want to know more about our world class
Classic Kit Homes and partner with us to build your dream.

So Take Up The Offer
And Put Us To The Test


No Expectations. No Obligation.


And at the end of the day, if you don’t proceed, we will give you your reports – no questions asked.
Now that is Trust with a capital “T” because we know of most building companies won’t hand over your reports
if you don’t proceed with them.

This is a one time offer from us to you.

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