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Save Space in Your Granny Flat with These Useful Tips

With the current real estate crisis in Australia, many families are using granny flats as their primary residence. Space can be an issue when it comes to accommodating an entire family. With furniture and kids, the flat starts feeling congested. Does that mean it’s...

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Building a Home on a Sloping Block: A Guide

Designing home on a sloping site can be a challenging task in terms of expenses and risks. But once constructed, the final view is worth all the effort! Construction on a sloping block requires a carefully analysed approach. If you’re thinking about constructing your...

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Designing a Granny Flat: What You Need to Know

You were tempted by the added value and space that a granny flat offers, and have decided to add it to your property. But now that you’ve gotten used to the excitement and are getting to the bare bones of it all, you can’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed. Designing a...

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4 Reasons Why a Granny Flat is Right for You

Investing in Australian real estate doesn’t just have to be a pipe dream. Yes, the property market has been crowned as severely unaffordable, with Sydney being declared as the second least affordable market in the country. But this doesn’t mean all those savings are...

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