Kitchen Trends For Your Customised Kit Home

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Your kitchen is a special place in your home. You spend a lot of your time preparing meals for your family, trying out a new recipe and hosting parties. Since it’s the hub of so many activities, it’s only fair that it reflects your lifestyle.

Here are some kitchen trends for your customised kit home. 


An Island Bench

Installing an island bench in your kitchen can be a real feature. First, it looks great, and  second, it utilises space efficiently.

You can use the ‘island’ for your sink, a cooktop, extra bench space, casual dining or helping the kids with their homework while you are cooking .

In addition, it is a great place for family and friends to congregate and socialize while you are preparing meals.

It is a good idea to ask your electrician to install power points in your island bench during construction.

Decorative Lighting

A well lit kitchen is functional, practical and safer to work in.

You can plan your kitchen lighting to eliminate shadows on work areas by carefully placing downlights in the ceiling or strip lights to the underside of overhead cupboards.

Lights can be placed in dark cupboards, while automatic lighting when you open a pantry door is a real bonus.

Creative lighting over an island bench can be a real feature of your kitchen.

Innovating Planning

With careful planning and helpful advice from kitchen experts you can have a kitchen you enjoy working in. Here are just a few simple tips…

Consider the position of your cooktop, fridge and sink. Ideally, these should be positioned in a triangle for ease of access. This may not always be possible but it is a tip for a functional kitchen.

Do you have space for a pantry? Will it simply be a large cupboard against the wall, a corner walk-in pantry or a butler’s pantry with a sink?  A pantry can eliminate the need for lots of cupboards.

Drawers can be more accessible than shelving in cupboards. They allow contents to be easily viewed when open and eliminate that struggle we have all experienced when what you need is at the very back of the bottom cupboard!

Make sure you have enough accessible power points for your appliances.  Plan power points in your pantry and island bench now, as they are more expensive to install after construction is completed.

You may not be installing some appliances now, but have you allowed for the future, eg, inbuilt microwaves or coffee machines or a larger fridge?

Take a visit to IKEA or a cabinet maker. They can give expert up-to-date advice on utilising space for storage and appliances.

Your Kitchen Style

What is your kitchen style?

Do you love a warm, cozy country kitchen with lots of timber and tiles?

Or perhaps, you prefer a commercial style kitchen displaying  clean lines and stainless steel?

Maybe an ultra modern kitchen with glass splashbacks and stone benchtops, with steel and composite materials?

Whatever style you prefer, do some research…. there is a mind boggling range of kitchen finishes available.

These days, your kitchen is only limited by your imagination and budget.

Smart Technology

The latest trends in kitchens are revolutionary.

Not many years ago we thought that ice making refrigerators or cappuccino coffee machines were the latest technology, but now we are talking voice activated appliances, phone apps which notify you if an appliance is left on or a door left open, movement activated tapware and finishes which are fingerprint resistant.

Some of these may ‘blow your budget’ now but it is worthwhile checking them out for future installation.

One hint…be careful of your fridge space…both width and height. Fridges come in so many shapes and sizes and they are constantly evolving. Keep an open space for your fridge!

When planning your kitchen and keeping up with the latest trends, Classic Kit Homes may be able to advise and suggest suppliers for your customised kit home in Queensland and Australia. Call us on (07) 5641 2020 and get a free consultation.

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5 Things You Should Know About Granny Flats

Granny flats—first, you don’t have to be a senior citizen to build one or live in one!

Located in your backyard or on its own block, a granny flat can be used for multiple purposes. You can use it to house guests, visiting family or make it an activity zone. It can become a home office, an art/craft studio, music room or a teenage retreat.

Or you can use it as the name suggests…to accommodate aging parents, allowing them to live close to you while maintaining their independence.

1. Mini Version Of Full-Sized Houses

Granny flats are compact versions of full-sized houses. Along with a bedroom or two, they have a kitchen, a bath, a lounge and usually a verandah.

Sometimes, granny flats have car ports linked to them. This provides complete independence to the resident/s of the dwelling.

2. A Granny Flat as an Investment

A granny flat in your backyard will increase the value of your property.

A backyard granny flat can be rented fulltime or perhaps short term, like AirBnB. The income generated will help pay the mortgage.

For an investor, placing a granny flat in the yard of a rental home, not only increases the value of their investment, but it also means you have 2 rental returns from the same property.

3. The Size Of A Granny Flat Matters

If your granny flat is a second dwelling on your site (secondary to the main house) the size is commonly limited to about 60 square metres of living area. Verandahs are not usually considered a living area, so your granny flat can have any size verandah.  

Larger granny flats are allowed as second dwellings on rural blocks.

Regulations vary between different councils and states. Before you consider building a granny flat on your property, consult your local council regarding requirements.

4. A Granny FlatCan Add To Your Family’s Income

With a granny flat, you can turn the unused space in your backyard into a rental property generating thousands of dollars per year. You can rent out your granny flat to earn a second income.

5. Budgeting For Your Granny Flat

As we pointed out earlier, granny flats are really just mini versions of homes.

However, just because they may be 1/3 the size of a larger home, doesn’t necessarily mean they will be 1/3 of the cost.

Keep in mind that all the trades which are involved in building a home will also be needed to construct a granny flat.

Take, for example. a plumber. He will charge a similar amount for a ‘one bathroom + kitchen + laundry’ granny flat as he does for a home with ‘4 bedrooms + one bathroom + kitchen + laundry’ home. Surprising, isn’t it !

This will apply to many other trades as well…electricians, tilers, waterproofer, painter, etc.

Call Classic Kit Homes  (07) 5641 2020 and talk to us about granny flat installations. We offer ultimate flexibility in design and inclusions of granny flat kit homes.

What to Know When Building a Granny Flat

If you’re an Australian homeowner who’s looking to pay off their mortgage while making a profit, your best option should be to have a granny flat in your backyard.

It’s Easier and Cheaper!

Homeowners are taking advantage of relaxed laws allowing secondary dwellings in housing zones and streamlined processes for council approvals, and are building easy-to-install “Granny” flats. These can be rented out, used for family members or even a B & B. The money they receive can be used to help pay off their own mortgage.

What You Should Know about Granny Flats

If you’re interested in building a granny flat on your property, here are some things you should know:

– Granny Flats cannot be Roman Villas

This is a fancy way of saying, granny flats are simple, keep it that way. You have limited space. Try to build a home that’s balanced in design and is sustainable as a living option. Take inspiration from your own home, and build it as a miniature version.  Even if you have some great ideas, it’s best to present your potential tenants with a simpler housing option, rather than an extravagant one.

– Focus on Comfort

There is no room for a study room in a granny flat. Instead of cramming different areas into a small space, focus instead on the essentials and build on that. Bedroom, living room, bathroom and a kitchen – that’s all you really need for a small space. That and some cosy, comfortable furniture to make a house look like home!

– Include Storage Space

With a granny flat, you have two options for storage; under the floor and in the ceiling space. Add shelving and storage cupboards in the structure and point them out when showing the house to potential tenants.

– Think about Your Privacy Options

Windows and glass walls have been a prominent feature in many granny flats. However, when installing them, you may need to consider how they influence privacy. Of course, your tenants will want their personal space. So instead of building those windows facing the house, add them to the alternate sides of the house.


– Incorporate Minimalism

Minimalist décor can make even the smallest homes look substantially bigger, making this design choice perfect for granny flats. Use simple tones when decorating the house, make less clutter and add only furniture that is necessary.

This will also allow your tenants to add their own personal touches to a basically blank canvas when they move in.

– Install a Skylight

Inexpensive, easy to install and aesthetically appealing, skylights can help bring those energy bills way down, since your tenants won’t have to have the lights turned on throughout the day.

Granny Flat Kits and Designs

Now that you know the basics of granny flats, call us at (07) 5641 2020 and talk to us about granny flat installations.

Offering specially designed homes that are custom designed to meet your requirements, these kit homes are available in various sizes and at affordable rates!

Why Building Your Dream Home is Better than Buying One

You’ve been swimming in the murky waters that are the Australian housing market for some time now, and you’re ready to admit that you’re exhausted. Ranked as the second least affordable housing market in the world, you aren’t really to blame if you can’t find an affordable dream home in the Aussie market.

However, all hope is not lost.

With pre-existing homes out of reach, many are now turning to kit homes, and greatly benefiting from their investments.

Why You Should Get a Kit Home


Comparing the average cost of a house to that of a kit home, you can clearly see why more people are switching to the prefab option. With pre-cut homes, it takes less material, less wastage, less manpower and less time to have the home constructed, which saves costs. These homes also come with eco-friendly options in doors and windows, as well as fittings and custom additions which in the long term, helps save on utility bills.


This is especially useful if you have land that requires special construction techniques. For example, you may have sloping land that might need excavation and costly retaining walls so you can have a safe foundation built in. This would cost more money. However, with a kit home, you’ll have a structure that is specifically designed for sloping land, thus eliminating unknown costs.

Uniqueness in Design

Kit homes come in a variety of designs and models. They may range from country rustic to minimalist modern and would be easily customizable to your wishes. That is not something you can get from a pre-existing or project house. With a kit home, you’ll be able to make modifications and inclusions that would suit your taste and modifications in home design that would not cost you a pretty penny.

Making the Right Decision

If you’re still wondering if a kit house is the right option, consider this.

With a Classic kit home, you have a pre-cut house that comes with plans, engineering, construction details & unlimited phone support and all the materials to build your home to “Fit out” stage (including the floors). There’s no worry about extra material or long-term construction. You can construct the home by following the owner builder manual, or hire a builder you know or someone recommended by the company that offers you the kit home.

In addition, you can choose from a variety of home designs that can come in handy if you can’t afford an architect to design a home for you. All in all, a kit home can be the answer to your dreams!

So don’t wait!

Contact Classic Kit Homes today and ask about the best kit homes that we can offer. And click here to check what our small homes will look like at each stage. Your dream home is about to become a reality! Phone 07 5641 2020

Kit Home Building Checklist

Kit Home Building Checklist

Kit Homes have become an incredibly popular housing option over the recent years due to their cost-effectiveness and the ability to custom design to suit your requirements.

Choosing a Granny Flat Kit home you can even add more living space to your current property without disrupting the pre-existing housing structure.

They also allow you to play a role in constructing and building your own house.

If you’re planning on installing a kit home , you will need to have basic understanding about how they’re built before the process is started.

This guide will provide you with a checklist of all the things you need to do in order to build a kit home.


Since a kit home can be quite different to a traditional house, the first thing that you need to put on your checklist is research. It can be a minefield finding out about all the different rules and regulations.

However, using a reputable Kit Home company like Classic Kit Homes you can relax knowing that all you have to do is pick your design and the colour scheme. Classic Kit Homes are well-versed in the rules and regulations and know the questions to ask your local authority regarding everything that may be needed for your home.

Choosing a well-established Kit Home company, you can be confident that your Kit home will comply to the Codes and relevant Standards.

Building a Budget

The next step on your checklist is facing the B-word: Budget. It is essential that you plan a detailed budget that deals with everything from the main construction costs to any additional upgrades you may want to put in your kit home along the way. Building a budget will help you stay within a boundary and not indulge in any overspending. Remember to make a flexible budget instead of an overly-rigid one. Download Classic Kithomes Budget checklist here

Building a Budget

The Right Style

There is a huge variety of kit homes available in the market. So the next step on your checklist should be to research the market, find the pros and cons of each kind of kit home, and see which one would be best suited to your living style and family dynamics. If adding a Granny Flat choose a practical option that can easily blend in with your current house. Maybe consider a custom designed Kit home from Classic Kit Homes

The Right Kit Home Company

The most important step on your checklist for building a kit home is to choose the right Kit Home supplier for the job. In order to build a long-lasting and unique kit home, you need to choose the right company for the job. Make sure to check out their testimonials (and ask if it possible to speak to previous clients) before you decide on hiring them. Apart from experience and expertise, the Kit Home company should also have a reliable and skilled team to help with any questions during the construction.

Living in your newly built kit home can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life. If you’re looking to build an affordably priced kit home anywhere in Queensland, the Sunshine Coast, or throughout Australia, we at Classic Kit Homes can help you out.

Call us now on (07) 5641 2020 for more details!

Why a Granny Flat is a Simple Solution

Why a Granny Flat is a Simple SolutionThere may come a time in your life when your house starts feeling a bit cramped up. It may be because the kids are yet to leave for the big wide world or are still living there after coming back. Either way, your house can start seeming too small to serve its purpose and prompt you to think about moving to a bigger house, or putting yourself through the rigors of extensions and renovations.

But generally, you are well settled in your home; you know the area and the facilities. You’ve adjusted to your home so moving to a new place can seem quite drastic.

So, now you’re left with three viable options: to move houses, to renovate or extend your current house, or to add a granny flat. Let’s take a look to see which option is the best solution.

Moving to Another Place

Moving to an altogether different place may seem like the least desirable option out of all three. It means uprooting yourself from the comfort of your existing home and moving to an alien, unfamiliar place. You’ll not only have to find/build the ideal home, but you’ll also have to look for the right location to live in. Some people try to find a house in their neighborhood as they know the area, but that is not always possible.

Moving to Another Place

Renovating Your Current House

Some people may consider renovating or remodeling their current house as another option. However, having your whole house renovated and adding additional rooms and space can be quite a lengthy and frustrating ordeal. Not only do you have to sketch up a whole new design for the builder to implement, but you also have to keep making sure throughout the process that no change is messed up. You will also have to comply with local regulations in addition to finding reliable and good builders to do the job in the first place. A renovation can add many disruptions to your home life as you will be living right there while the renovations are taking place. We have all heard the horror stories.

Building a Granny Flat

If you need additional living space without going through the hassle of the above two options, then getting a granny flat is the simplest solution. It is also the most cost-effective one out of the three. All you need to is to have space in your backyard, design a small home for your needs and get the materials delivered to your property. Granny flats can add additional rooms and living space to your home without disrupting your existing home and lifestyle.

Classic Kit Homes supplies affordable and state-of-the-art granny flats on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and all over Australia. Call us now on (07) 5641 2020 for more details!