Craftsmanship Without Compromise

Did you know that many kit homes are supplied without a floor?

You may receive a floor plan from other suppliers but we all know that is simply a piece of paper and NOT a beautifully crafted timber floor!


To find out why we supply real floors
Everyone wants a price and that is fair enough – you need to know how much house your budget will get you, but years ago, the industry learnt that ‘lowest price often wins’!
So…they now practise the old bait and upsell technique.
What that means is that the initial quote may not include one of the most expensive components of your home…the floor…which can be up to 50%of the final price.
So the ‘bait’ is a low price to get you interested and the ‘upsell’ is …your floor!
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We don’t do cheap because it often ends up nasty.

We believe that you ‘get what you pay for’ and ‘if you do it right the first time, it will save you time, money and frustration down the track’.

So if you share these beliefs you will feel right at HOME with us.

Take their word for it.

Springbrook (3)
David and I would like to extend our sincere thanks to you and your team for the professional service and attention to detail you have provided during the planning and construction of our beautiful new home. It has been a pleasure to deal with a company that embraced our ideas right from inception. You worked with us carefully to meet our specific needs, ensuring those ideas came to fruition. We also greatly appreciate the time you took in visiting our property to get a first hand feel for what David and I were trying to create for our building site.  The journey we embarked on with your team has been a smooth and rewarding one. We do not hesitate to recommend your company to those who remark on the design of our home.
David & Sue BorgKenilworth
Craftsmanship Without Compromise